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Offshore Project

Are you looking for an efficient way to increase your business output and streamline and manage your business operations? An Offshore Delivery Centre might be an option to improve your Business Processes.   We, SVC, can make you a difference.

So, what is an Offshore Delivery Centre? It is an extended, integrated, and dedicated team of professionals supporting a company located in another region (country, state or even city). This model has been used for various business processes and services such as Software Development, Healthcare Documentation, Publishing, Financial Services, etc. The demands of clients for products that can be deployed much fast, and limitations of in-house resources such as cost, time, infrastructure, and availability of expert skills are the main reasons for companies to adapt for Offshore Delivery Model.

SVC has created a unique model called Center for Offshore Delivery (COD) for the foreign clients.  We have a very good experience in setting up Center for Offshore Delivery (COD) previously which we have worked in the name of “Absolute Info Solutions.”  This model enables clients from the other country to set up own exclusive teams/facilities in India which are managed by SVC.  The "Center for Offshore Deliver (COD)" derives the local expertise and knowledge and it is completely managed by SVC.  This model is mainly useful for those who want to set up a base in India without having to built it up from the scratch and/or deploying people from your team for long term.

We, SVC, have rich experience in providing Offshore Services in Healthcare and Publishing domains. Through our sister concern, Aparam Marketing & Entertainment Services (P) Ltd., we can be able to deliver/facilitate offshore services in Healthcare Documentations (Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, RCM) and Publishing (Prepress/Typesetting, Self-Publishing, E-Publishing). We will strive to deliver the projects on-time with maximum possible quality.

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