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Aestheticians Share The Best Skincare Ingredients For Fall

Change of season, change of skincare.


So goes our motto here at The AEDITION, and, with the hot and humid days of summer behind us, there is no better time to reevaluate what products we’re making room for on our vanities.

Fall’s sweater weather ushers in cooler temps and drier air, which means the lightweight serums and moisturizers you were using to combat summer’s tropical climate may not provide the level of nourishment your skin now needs. Oh, and if you took a break from some of your more sensitizing products (think: retinols, acids, and the like) because you had upped your time in the sun, now could be the time to reach for them again — and atone for those summer skin sins.

So, when it comes to fall skincare, what are the non-negotiables? We went straight to the experts — in this case, the aestheticians and skin specialists that treat some of Hollywood’s most famous faces — to find out their must-have ingredients of the season, why they love them, and how to use them!

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