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Aloe Vera

Introduction:  Aloe vera, from the genus family Aloe, is a succulent plant with more than 500 species around the world.  Aloe vera grows in tropical climates and used mainly in agriculture and medicinal uses.  In common, they are used in cosmetic as skin lotions and medically for minor burns, beve…

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Introduction:  Garlic, known by its botanical name Allium sativum which was known to be known to Egyptians, used in traditional medicine where China dominates with 80% of the total global supply.  In garlic, bulb is used as the most common part which is normally divided into flesh sections called …

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Introduction:  Pepper, known by its botanical name, Piper nigrum, from the family of Piperaceae, found within two main genera, namely Piper and Peperomia, is cultivated for its fruit which is then dried for its spice nature.  It is initially dark red before dried with 5 mm in diameter which is des…

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